Overview of my Data Story!

Throughout time, students have said that almost everything about school causes them stress, leading to anxiety. I am interested in this topic, becuase I am an extreme stresser when it comes to school. Anything from having too much homework, to presentations, to tests stresses me out. After looking at the data, I relized that I'm not the only one who stresses about school. Many other people in highschool are also getting stressed about tests and homework. However, this has a strong corration with anxiety, which is much more serious than stress. The data and graphs clearly represent this. Check it out! Here's my My Data Page.

This link talks about the negative effects from stress caused by school. In a survey from the American Psychological Association, 45% of students said that they were stressed and pressured by school. This is very bad for students' mental and physical health. Many were getting headaches and their immune systems were getting weaker, which in turn led them to getting sick more often. This information is from the article, School Stress Takes a Toll on Heath, Teens and Parents Say.

This second article, The Causes of Test Anxiety and Academic Stress, talks about the mental and biological causes of test anxiety, as well as how to minimalize test anxiety. A hormone released during stressful situations, adrenaline, is made to help a person get through a test or other situation, but sometimes it has the opposite effect and causes students to not be able to concentrate or focus. Expectations are a main cause in test anxiety, because if you believe that you will perform poorly, you will be more anxious. Also, after taking a couple of stressful exams, a student might believe that the rest will be just as bad and stressful. Some strategies for minimalizing test anxiety is to be prepared, banish the negative thoughts, get enough sleep, take deep breaths, and try not to be a perfectionist.

This last article, Study: Too much homework may cause students to stress, discusses why students in highschool are so stressed. The subject of school and everything it relates to seems to be causing students a lot of stress, according to the article. Many students are worried about getting into an established college, but homework seems to be the main cause. The article also talked about a teacher who tried to assign less homework, and it reduced the levels of stress in her students.